Insider Threat


Protecting your organization’s assets, sensitive information and intellectual property is a major challenge. As the business and headcount grows, the potential for illicit employee activity grows as well. Mitigating the potential risks of employees who come into contact with sensitive data or assets is just as important as any other operational activity. Using Voyager Labs’ technology, these types of risks can be identified discreetly and covertly, swiftly mitigating any issues that arise without disrupting the ongoing activity of the business.


Voyager Labs brings in AI-powered solutions to provide insights into illicit activities and automate the analysis and extraction of valuable insights. Using this unique technology, organizations can anonymously and discreetly pinpoint threats and mitigate them. The strength of the solution lies in automation – the gleaning of deep, actionable insights to augment the investigative process. It also lies in the real-time nature of the data harnessed, which adds a layer of rich insight that are the most current and up to date.


A large corporate retailer was plagued by leaks of confidential information to the press, resulting in news stories that exposed long-term strategies and damaged the core business. The company needed to determine the internal source of these leaks and gain clear, detailed insights about this insider threat that would also guide the appropriate response.

Using the Voyager Labs platform, employees with access to sensitive data were evaluated. This query revealed that a company VP was closely connected to the publisher of a large newspaper; they were from the same hometown, had attended the same university, had many mutual colleagues, and contacted one another on a regular basis. Based on this strong evidence, analysts investigated the VP, who was revealed as the source of the leak.


Condense investigation times

Turn weeks of data sifting into minutes.

Reveal hidden insights

Instantly gain actionable, otherwise-unattainable insights about individuals, groups or topics, including key and hidden connections.

Harness publicly available data in near real time

Act on the most relevant and current information.

Share knowledge

Cooperate across teams, departments, jurisdictions - and databases. Integrate with your existing systems.

Start immediately

Straightforward and quick to deploy – on average, two days of training yields immediate intelligence generation.

Automated, AI-driven insights

Enhance your investigations with actionable insights on individuals, groups and topics.


In-depth Analysis


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